Geology in the Field

My father’s classic ‘Geology in the Field‘ is now available as a PDF, Kindle eBook or paperback!

My father’s legacy

After my father died in 2015 I was determined to revive his classic field manual which had gone out of print. After Wiley reverted the publishing rights, I decided to convert Geology in the Field into an eBook to make it available quickly and at a reasonable price. The eBook is now available for purchase as  a PDFAmazon Kindle ebook or as a paperback book from Amazon.

NB: Please read advisory on my Buy page before ordering the paperback version.

Check out excerpts from the PDF/eBook below.

Robert R. Compton Field Geology Research Fund

The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences has established the Robert R. Compton Field Geology Research Fund to support graduate students doing field intensive studies. If you are interested in learning more about this fund and how to contribute please see the official letter from Prof. Elizabeth Miller (click to download).

Geology in the Field

Published by Earthspun Books 2016

Originally published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1985
© 2004 Robert R. Compton All rights reserved.

ISBN 978-0-620-70842-5

Original hardcover edition published by Wiley in 1985

Cover of new ebook (PDF) edition available from Gumroad

Cover of new paperback print edition available from Amazon

The 1954 Stanford University Summer Field Camp, Santa Rosa Mountains, Nevada. My father (second on the right) was in charge of the field camp from 1950 until he retired from Stanford in 1981 (photo from Bob Garrison, top left).

My father’s other passion was art and he painted full-time in his retirement. This photo was taken in September 1991 at his Stanford Geology Library exhibit. The painting is of a sandstone mesa in Monument Valley and is one of over a hundred he would paint (visit to see more of his artwork).